Learn The Secret Skills Of High Performance Financial Trading With Consistent Profitability.

Trading the financial market can be learned fast and with enough practice of the psychological aspects and the simple market reading technics, it can be executed with minimal risk and hugely rewarding results.




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Would you like to earn $1000-$2000 side income per month with minimum time investment? Are you looking for a new skill to learn that has the potential to generate substantial income to support you long term? .

There are many paths to attract abundance into your life and one of the most portable, timeless and profitable way is Trading the Financial Market. Trading is a powerful skill that can provide either a sizable side income or become the main source of earnings to support your goals in life.

Despite the proliferation of disinformation about trading, few facts that you will learn in this Masterclass is that first, trading will offer plenty of profit opportunities without resorting to blind speculation. Second, trading risk can be managed safely with strict guidelines. Thirdly, with correct learning approach and enough practice, trading is easy and effortless.

Here in GOMO, you will learn all the basic knowledge of the financial market, the tools, the platform, the sophisticated systems and the psychology framework as a complete package. You will learn how to spot profit opportunities with simplicity, conservatively manage risk on your account, and have consistent profit long term.

At the end of the Masterclass, you will have all the knowledge to confidently analyze the market, make a trade and pace your account growth.



Get the best support system through a positive and committed community to propel your skills beyond your wildest dream.


All the sessions will be recorded and available for reviews over and over until you get really good at trading.


Periodic market and technical updates will keep your skill and performance improving.

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  • Class Schedule

     26 February 2021

    Introduction and Overview of The Program

    Friday, 26 February, 9.00 PM - 10.00 PM Singapore Time UTC+8

  • 27  &  28 February 2021

    Market Knowledge and Psychology Framework

    Saturday, 27 February, 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM SG Time

    Sunday, 28 February, 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM SG Time

  • 1  - 5 March  2021 

    Onboarding, MasterSEF, and Advanced Fibonacci

    Monday -  Friday, 1 - 5 March, 9.00PM - 10.00PM SG Time

  • 6 - 7 March 20

    Harmonic, Exits, Continuation Trade, and Bonus

    Saturday, 6 March, 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM SG Time

    Sunday, 7 March, 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM SG Time


Key Skills That You Will Learn Here

The Skills That Prepares You To Be A Consistently Profitable Trader

1. Basic Market Knowledge And Navigation.

Don't get intimidated if you are starting from zero financial market knowledge.  Basic terminologies, how the market works, how to open a broker's account, and all the necessary market reading tools are explained and discussed in our onboarding  process.


You will also learn which market to choose, how the market moves, how to determine whether the market is trending or sideways and how to take advantage of those move for profit.


There is no excuse not to learn one of the most important skill set you need for your bright financial future.

2. Psychological Structure & How To Build It Strong For Consistent Profit.

The right psychology approach and application are the essential ingredient for your trading success. You will learn to build psychological structure that is life changing and set you up for profit consistency.

  • Winning Trader's Mindsets

    Learn from the past and current masters about abundant and prosperity attracting Mindsets, which will completely change your view on money and trading.

  • How The Brain Approaches Trading

    Detail context about the workings of your brain when trading is the basis of a positively permanent change in your profit making performance. Prepare yourself for life changing new perspective. 

  • Daily Rituals To Get You To The Moon

    It's not just a concept. Great psychology structure can be built with easily applicable practice. You'll get there with commitment and perseverance.

3. MasterSEF Method And I'ts Powerful Insights To Pick Winning Trades.

MasterSEF is an exclusive method to scan the market for great opportunities and pinpoint the exact entry for maximum profit. The method uses simple indicators in a surprisingly powerful way to understand market architecture and pick the elusive peak reversals either from the top or bottom.


What's Impossible Out There Is A Walk In The Park Here.

4. Proper Risk Management, Crucial Trading Plan, And Grow Your Account Fast. 

Systematic Risk Management Is Of The Utmost Important Factor To Protect And Grow Your Capital With Unprecedented Speed.

  • Core Risk Management System that is so easy to apply, your capital will always be ready to take the various opportunities.

  • Great things start with great plans. You'll learn to plan the trades of the day, plan for entries, and plan for exits.

  • The how-to on growing your account with grace and boost your psychology while doing it.

5. Advanced Fibonacci Setups And How To Trade Your Best Purely Using This Divine Properties.

Fibonacci Setups usage have become more widespread as they should be. Learn them correctly with deep context of how this divine ratio is within our and the market's DNA. Then we go several step further and use advanced analysis of magical clustering and past imprint of these ratios.


Be one with nature's order and profit will flow to you effortlessly.

6. Harmonic Patterns And How To Implant This To Your Brain For Trading Bliss. 

Harmonic Energy is embedded in market movements at all times. Learn this super power skill and reach your trading goals rapidly now. 

  • Harmonic is unbelievably powerful, it can be your only tool to trade.

  • Spotting one is a must skill and you'll learn it so fast, you'll be amazed how you acquire it.

7. Graceful Exits  And Go The Extra Mile With Continuation Trade.

Without wise exits, your excellent entries on trades are muted. There are various powerful ways to exit and you learn them all.


Get good at reversals and continuations to maximize your capital growth.

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